Work your body to generate strength, flexibility, and endurance



Establish easy meals that give you the greatest return on investment



Avoid the traps of today's world and keep stress hormones at bay




When nutrition and fitness are aligned, we generate a state of physical health. It's essential to keep the two working in harmony.



When the body is conditioned and the mind is right, we are able to tap into a seemingly unlimited energy source, free of toxicity.



When feeding the mind and body properly, the system becomes balanced and the potential for sickness and disease is reduced to a minimum.


"My body is trainable. My mind is expandable. My spirit is unbreakable."

Michael’s professional career in fitness started during his enlistment in the U.S. Marines 2001-2005, while working as a photographer, he was also instrumental in the physical training of the fellow Marines in his unit.  While being stationed at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Sgt. Molinski held the fastest times for the 3 mile physical fitness test and obstacle course performances during his tour with over 300 Marines. After an honorable discharge, Michael moved back to his home town of Hudson, NY and still stayed in touch with his athletic side while starting a photography business.  Over the years, he has completed in races of 10km (45m:03s), Marathon 26.2 miles (4h:30m), Half Iron Man Triathlon 70.3 miles (5h:35m).

Labeled a self motivated continual learner, Michael, transitioned his nutritional intake from the typical SAD (standard american diet) to a more refined menu.  Falling into the trap of “eat whatever” because of the high amount of calories being burned during training, is a mistake reserved to many athletes.  By incorporating more real whole foods, he was able to recover faster and train harder.  An unintended side effect was cutting even more fat, trimming down from 14% body fat to under 10%.  It was this revelation that sparked an interest into nutrition and sports.

Currently, he is helping others find the motivation within to reach their goals and dreams.  Working from the inside out, Michael believes by eating a clean diet, a clean mindset will soon follow.  This domino effect brings out the best in everyone and encourages others to expand their horizons.





  • Receive a daily email with a plan of the day.
  • Each day will cover a workout, nutritional
    advice, and mental practices and life hacks.
  • Access to online training videos
  • One 60 minute personal training session every 2 weeks.
  • One 60 minute classes, with the optional
    “make up” class
  • Customized individual amendments
    to the program



  • Receive a daily email with a plan of the day.
  • Each day will cover a workout, nutritional
    advice, and mental practices and life hacks.
  • Access to online training videos

Current payment forms are checks or cash accepted in person at KS Fitness, 98 Green St., Hudson, NY 12534. Credit cards accepted over the phone or in person via smartphone swipe attachment.

100% Money back guarantee if you find no value in the 90 Day Reset Academy. No questions asked.


Body Mobility

We like to focus on the natural range of motion of the human body. It isn't about hitting a person record or peak performance everyday. We're here to make you move for life without the risk to injury due to underuse of certain muscle groups due to today's sedentary work places and lifestyle. The 30 minute "treadmill confessional" isn't enough to make up for sitting in an office all day or lying around the house in the evenings or weekends. The workouts we've put together will build your core stability, upper body strength, and give you the ability to reach for the stars or your toes without the fear of pulling a muscle.

Your Engine

We refer to the human heart as your engine, the giver and keeper of life. Cardio isn't something to be feared, it's to be embraced. We were built to move and Mother Nature gave us the perfect machine to be put to use. With the proper use of a heart rate monitor and app synced to your smart phone, our program will build your engine from a lackluster 4 cylinder to a robust 8 cylinder with fuel efficiency of a hybrid. By keeping the pace "slow & go" the body becomes adapt to converting fat into fuel. That's not to say there isn't a place for the hardcore fast paced workouts. Those are good for burning calories and building strength, but usually use more glucose (sugars) in the blood. We will go in depth on this topic throughout the academy.

Small Wins

The body is proven to give off small amounts of the reward hormone, dopamine, when perceived goals are accomplished. By simply shifting the mindset into a goal oriented thought process, a person can start living a more positive and happy life, even if things seem to be falling apart at the seams and surrounded by stress. The program is developed in a "to do list" theme to trigger the dopamine response and condition the body for happiness. Each accomplishment off the list becomes a small win and by the end of the day, they create the big win without the "try." Keeping it simple reduces the stress response known as cortisol. From here on out, cortisol is our known adversary and we need to do everything in our power to reduce its presence.

The Microbiome

Of the nearly 100 trillion cells within the human body, less than 10% of those are actually human. So there are 90 trillion cells made up of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, collective called the microbiome. With this fact making it to headlines around the world over the last year, it's known that we need to create an environment as the host of these cells that make is mutually beneficial for all of us. There are studies that show the microbiome in the gut is responsible for food cravings, fat gain or loss, nutrient absorption, and immune functions. You have to know, not think, but truly know that what you put into your body has a direct effect on everything that you do. From how you think and feel to how you perform and look. The program is dedicated to creating the perfect environment to get the most out of your life.


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